• Lavender Relaxing Mist

Lavender Relaxing Mist


I love the smell of lavender! In my house back in Poland, my parents always dry out their own lavender from the garden, hang it all around the house or even put it in small pouches and put them in the closet to make everything smell fresh. You can use it to spray the face, body, room or even use it as a face toner.

I also like to spray this mist all over the house like my pillows and blankets and even in the car when I want anything to smell nice and fresh.

Aspen bark is a natural preservative added to the mist to extend its shelf life. Additionally its properties can also help smooth the skin. 


Size: 60ml / 2oz 

Usage: Shake before use. Spray the mist on your face with eyes and mouth closed, you can also spray it on your body and hair.

Tip for the summer. Keep your mist in the fridge and on a hot day just spray onto your body. It will not only help hydrate your skin but also refresh it.

Storage: store in a cool dry place.

Ingredients:  aqua, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, populus adenopoda (aspen bark) extract.



Disclaimer: *All of polka girl's products are made only from natural ingredients, however we understand that every person's skin is unique. We recommend testing our products first on a small patch of skin. If any irritation or unpleasant reaction occurs, please discontinue using. All views and opinions on this site are not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition and does not replace the advice and/or care of a qualified health professional.