• Gift Box

Gift Box


This $50.00 gift box lets you try one of our products from each of our collection at a great gift box price! Try everything for yourself, share with a friend or give away as a gift. 

This gift box set includes:

  • one Savon Noir 130g
  • one honey calendula soap
  • one lavender relaxing mist 
  • one bottle of chia seed oil
  • one coconut orange lip balm

colour of tissue paper in box may vary



Disclaimer: *All of polka girl's products are made only from natural ingredients, however we understand that every person's skin is unique. We recommend testing our products first on a small patch of skin. If any irritation or unpleasant reaction occurs, please discontinue using. All views and opinions on this site are not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition and does not replace the advice and/or care of a qualified health professional.